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Our Values

Unidos somos fuertes.


We are a minority-owned political consulting firm in Los Angeles that provides multilingual direct mail, communications, digital, and media services.

We develop winning campaigns based on the principles of scalability, messaging, targeting, allocation of resources, accountability, and execution. We run data-driven campaigns that can target on a micro and macro level.

We know who we are talking to and what to say to them. 

We integrate coordinated Direct Mail, Field, Remote Field, and Digital programs that enhance and confirm your campaign's message directly to the voter and moves them.

We empower progressive candidates and organizations who inspire and mobilize entire communities to win for working families. Our principles are for equality, the fight for civil rights, universal healthcare, protecting our planet, and ensuring that government works for all of us.

Organizing is developing the capacity for political action.

Mobilizing is the political action that wins for our progressive candidates and issues.

We organize for power so that we can mobilize working class folks, communities of color, and minority voters to win our fights for social and economic justice. 

  The people we fight for are our people.  

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